Heavier than Pop-Punk and just as at home on a playlist with Tonight Alive and A Day to Remember, Last Vendetta are a band of opposites; often heavy and raw but always catchy and melodic, tugging on heartstrings with their tongues firmly in cheek. They effortlessly capture a nostalgic early noughties sound infused with their own unique visceral style.


While Last Vendetta are new for 2014, their sound is the culmination of a musical friendship stretching back years. Having recently joined forces with independent label The Animal Farm, Last Vendetta are released their debut EP 'Young Bloods' which is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and available to stream on Spotify.


Created - 20 April 2013

Location - Cardiff

Genre - Pop Punk/Metalcore/Rock


Record label - The Animal Farm Records

General Manager - Ville Leppanen (ville@theanimalfarm.co.uk)


Contact info

Phone - +44 7943 991858

Email - lastvendettaband@gmail.com






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