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Heavier than Pop-Punk, catchier than Rock and just as at home on a playlist with Foo Fighters as A Day to Remember, Last Vendetta are a band of opposites; often heavy and raw but always catchy and melodic, tugging on heartstrings with their tongues firmly in cheek. They effortlessly capture a nostalgic early noughties sound infused with their own unique, visceral style.


While Last Vendetta are new for 2014, their sound is the culmination of a musical friendship stretching back years. Having recently joined forced with independent label The Animal Farm, Last Vendetta are due to record their debut single in May.


As a precursor to the album release next year, 'To Be Continued...' is now available as a free download at Bandcamp, introducing the world to the punk-rock powerhouse that is Last Vendetta. Their first official single 'Savages' is scheduled for general release shortly after the album launch in Spring 2014.





Danny - Vocal & Guitar

Vinnie - Guitar

Tom - Bass

Max - Drums




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